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Hand crafted traditional birchbark canoes made by John and Victoria Jungwirth in Upper Michigan’s backwoods.  Using the knowledge and skills accrued over millennia, they have an exceptional understanding of skin boats.  With the Jungwirth’s mentorship I learned the art of building birchbark canoes, and constructed the 18 foot boat we will be using on our expedition.                 

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Traveling over 4000 miles from Seattle to the Aleutian Islands- solely by human power- Erin and Hig McKittrick went out to discover the ground truth about environmental issues facing this region.  This year long continuous journey by packrarft, hiking, and skiing from the Puget Sound to the Bering Sea       yielded great insights, which are educated though their non-profit ,and in Erin’s book about the expedition: A Long Trek Home.  I am very grateful to have an opportunity to collaborate with Ground Truth Trekking on our expedition.  In addition to much need logistical support now and afield, their non-profit will be sponsoring our expedition as an official Ground Truth Expedition.   


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Sponsor Us!

Download the Sponsorship Packet: PFS Sponsorship flyer.pdf


We look forward to hearing from many businesses manufacturing sustainably-minded products in the upcoming months, and have detailed our proposal in the sponsorship packets.


There are many items we are currently seeking listed below.  Help us meet our goal to be sustainable by donating some food, gear, etc., so that we can use 100% local, recycled or sustainable products.  Please email us if you would like to help with something.  If you are interested in donating money instead please do, there are many expenses beyond those listed, and we can arrange what you would like to contribute to.  If you have any ideas beyond what has been said, please don’t hesitate- email us


There are many items that we have purchased to make this trip a reality. Over the years these items have added up to several thousand dollars, and are available for you to sponsor any amount towards. 

Some of the big ones include:

John and Victoria's partnership and skills helping me build the birch bark canoe

Camera and Video Equipment I will be using to document this adventure

An Expedition Solar panel

Food (A cow I bought that is currently eating grass in Deming, WA).

We would love to put your name under any of these categories! 

Email us!


Fishing Licenses.  We would love to be able to fish to support our staple of dried goods.  We will be traveling at length through Canada and each province has separate fishing licenses costing about $60.  A great way to sponsor food and fun.

Park fees.  We will be traveling through many national, state, and provincial parks which require user fees.  We will gratefully accept money towards supporting these North American landscapes.

We will start with this current list and will be extremely excited if we are able to add more in the future.  Thank you for reading and considering helping us- if you have any ideas not listed don’t be shy-



Lake Jungwirth:

Graphic Design and Screen Printing

Thanks for the artistic skills, the logo, and the T-shirts. 


As a field project for a graduate degree in Environmental Education at Western Washington University, Paddle For Sustainability is an academic pursuit.  My advisor, John Miles, along with numerous other faculty and students have greatly aided the Paddle For Sustainability project every step of the way.   

Tyler Sassaman:

Financial Contributions

Food Bag

Mary Van Grinsven:

Seamstyle expeditionary creations.  My mom with be sewing us fur-trade era garments, a snowalker style tent, and a spray skirt for the canoe- pictures soon!

Also, no mum would want her son to travel into the great beyond without the ability to call home.  My parents will be sponsoring me with a satellite phone and a first aid kit.  Thanks!

Check out the:

We are very thankful for our sponsors and partners, without their help this expedition would not be possible.  We are always interested to collaborate with new people and organizations, and still need lots of help.  Thanks for exploring this site, and feel free to contact us with any new ideas:

Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve

The Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve will be providing us with a PDA for a nature mapping initiative and our remote communications, as well as $200 dollars towards our survival (food purchases)!  More information on:

The Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve

Nature Mapping 

Sulfide Mining and the Yellow Dog Watershed

Matt Van Grinsven:

Matt has generously donated a Manitoba fishing license to Paddle For Sustainability. He will be performing a biweekly fish dance for our good luck.  Also, gleaning many fine surplus peaches and other tree fruits from his aquafied desert canyon, Matt will be drying this year’s produce in the summer sun and sending them to us.  This will be great.

Patrick is a creative individual who will be keeping everyone updated with our expedition by running the technology (much like the wizard of oz) that you all will witness when we are in the field.  We will send him the media, and he will send you our newsletters, update the website, and much more.    This is a crucial part of keeping our trip live- thanks Patrick.

Adita Matlock: Adita will be donating organic veggies and Fair Trade chocolate (right on, girlfriend!) This is sweet, clearly, but she has also provided heaps of love and support, and this trip would not be possible without her. She also made a fine journal bound in recycled leather! I love you, sweetie!

Marv: Beyond the utlility of a knife, Marv handcrafts Puko Style blades with high potency burls and figured or birds'eyed wood grains, deer antler, and birch bark.  The blade, from Gordon Gearheart, was forged locally.  This all fits rightly in a hand tooled sheath with an individualized design.  The origins of these parts are considered and put together, the result, an artwork of craftsmanship.  Thanks for the Puko, Marv.

Van Conrad: Van generously secured us a quantity of venison jerky, which he processed, and kept a sharp eye out for some more venison, which he also gifted to us, and has all-in-all been a great friend.  Thanks Van.


Beth and Pete Lilly:  All park fees and permits!

Quentin and Dorothy Willems:  Fishing licenses for Saskatchewan and Alberta and some money for tackle!

Outward Bound:  Outward Bound has allowed us to collect left over food from their expeditions ("The Roadkill bin") which has totaled to a couple hundred pounds, and has offered us some coveted used gear (food bags!)

Other Sponsers (Photos coming soon!)